About us

Klein Power Investments is a Washington State based Angel Investment company that provides strategic advice, leadership and management guidance, syndicate managment, practical hand-holding support and capital for early stage companies.


Klein Power is led by its founding members, Andrew and Steven  Klein, a son and father team that brings a combined experience of over five decades and draws from successful Chief Executive Officer qualifications together with start-up company credentials.  This enables us to make connections across a broad range of business sectors and we also understand generational characteristics.


We endeavor to support winning teams with remarkable ideas and determination to make a real difference.  Mentoring, relationship building and strategic introductions are key components of our multi-layered approach to assisting our early stage company partners.

Investment Thesis


We look for smart founders with innovative businesses, exquisite timing and multiple potential customer channels.  We help these founders identify the strategic path that is most likely to establish a successful business and/or exit. We believe it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses and to stay focused on your business plan, otherwise a startup can find itself jumping at every false opportunity and never establishing a foundational identity and purpose.  


We have a preference toward diverse teams and especially those with a female founder/co-founder.  


We like companies that can get additional non-dilutive funding from their customers, grants and partnerships that can leveraged with potential acquirers. 

Klein Power Investments
9 Lake Bellevue Drive

Ste 120
Bellevue, WA  98005


E-mail: info@kleinpower.com